1.After the app is debugged, how can it be released to each sold machine in large quantities?

Answer: The platform partners upload their own applications to the iMin application library through the partner platform, and the automatic installation function of the application can be realized in the My Application Market. For more information, see Publishing Apps in the developer documentation.

2.What is iMin Virtual Bluetooth Printing?

Answer: iMin is a virtual Bluetooth link based on physical links. There will be a Bluetooth signal named ‘BluetoothPrinter’ in the Bluetooth list of all iMin devices with printing. It is no different from ordinary Bluetooth for business apps and can be regarded as ordinary Bluetooth printer.

3.Can your device gain root privileges?

Answer: No. For device security, iMin restricts access to the root permissions of the device.

4.Application upload failed or failed?

A: If you encounter information such as failed parsing and upload failure, please make sure that the APK is compiled and packaged normally. If the above conditions occur, the application will be affected.

  1. The ARM library file is not included in the package file when the APK is compiled. This situation will cause the normal installation.

  2. The application signature is not packaged in the package file when the APK is compiled. This situation will cause the signature to be abnormal.

  3. When compiling the APK, no version code (versionCode) than the previous version is selected. This situation will cause the application to fail to be submitted.